Rest in Peace Cat Woman

Eartha Kitt as Cat Woman

Eartha Kitt as Cat Woman

Eartha Kitt. Essence of sexiness hangs up her cat outfit for eternal rest. I do not know much about the actress, singer and sex symbol. I do know that she entranced me with her sultry, purring voice. She exhibited sexy blackness on TV shows and movies, on stages, and in the company of prominent people. And she made me laugh with an uneasy queasiness in Boomerang with Eddie Murphy.  Her role in the movie as an old lady sexiness was hilarious, sarcastic, and weird.  She was consistent through out her career.  Everyone knew who she was and the roles she played.  She commanded sexual attention from both males and females. You either wanted to be her or do her. But what hit my heart (yes, I think I have one) the most was the fact this woman was the original singer of “Baby its cold outside”. I love that freaking song.  I will continue to hum it and think of her singing it to me in her cat woman outfit and enjoy my sensual chills. I love you cat lady. Rest in peace.


~ by MyLips2urearz on December 26, 2008.

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