Sunday Evening Thoughts

I am watching Escape to Witch Mountain. I remember this movie when I was a kid but I don’t remember a lot of it. I think that was around the time my family went all Jehovah Witnesses and shit. Remember when they got their heads cut off??? Of course I’m waiting to see it happen. We have both parts and I’m watching the first part to work myself up the decapitation. (Big grin goes here.) Ooooo! My baby made some damn good spaghetti. I am so ready for another bowl. Anyone ever noticed the wig on that social worker lady in the movie? It looked so soft and fluffy like a cloud. I would like to sit on top of it.

I finally had my Guinness today. I have never been so happy. Awesome way to continue to enjoy my holiday. Ok, I just went blank. Fantasying about this wonderful beverage of ecstacy. The only head I would ever appreciate. If a space ship flew to earth and landed in front of my house and little green people came out and said to me, ” stuck in 70’s or adult life and Guinness?”; I would always chose Guinness. But then I would also try to work it out to catch a ride with them back home. Hell, they may like Guinness. We can all chill on the ship and drink Guinness. Oh that would rock!


~ by MyLips2urearz on December 28, 2008.

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