Another Freak’n Year

Here we go Another year has come and shit ain’t change. Same shit, new year. But, you can be a different you. “Really, how so?” you ask. Well, the first thing you need to do is do the opposite of what everyone else does. Here’s an example. If you feel the need to have a New Year’s resolution (dummy) then fill it with things you 1. Like to do and 2. You already do. See, that’s easy, is it not? Here is mine for example:

  1. Drink more Guinness

  2. Smoke more trees (explore more flavors and not limit myself)

  3. Instead of 2 days a week, have a bubble bath 3 days a week

  4. Visit only friends with Playstations and Xboxes

  5. Curse more

You get my point. Increasing or improving things I already do. These items on my resolution can never be broken. So what are you going to put on your list?


~ by MyLips2urearz on January 1, 2009.

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