Awww, Shit Yeah!

Soul FoodDamn it to hell. Let me tell ya’ll something. My girl, a white woman, cooked me some damn soul food for our first dinner this new year’s day. That is some shit. Instead of fried chicken we had ribs and that shit was damn good. She can beat me, ignore me, stomp me. Just as long as she keeps cooking like that, I don’t give a mothafuck’n damn. My baby is the shit. Fuck all ya’ll. She hid this shit from me. Five years and I never knew. My belly is full on good food. My cup overflowth with good beer. I’m about to kick her ass in spades. And pray to the porcelain Goddess later on. Happy Fuck’n New Year Mother Fakahs!


~ by MyLips2urearz on January 2, 2009.

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